Whats the attraction of Internet Marketing?

ID-100226398While I’ve been well aware of the internet lifestyle – being some sort of golden aspiration where you can work when you choose, where you chose and, if you get it right, earn a significant income. Now I am 18 years old I understand enough to know that things are never that easy – if they were, everyone would be doing it, right! But I thought that it would be worth exploring. What I found out from my business studies knowledge and real world experience was that as with any other sector of work, you have market leaders, innovators and those who had are working hard to establish a foothold in the market place – it may l look like the failure rate is high in this area.

What was attractive to me about internet marketing was that there is a solid business model, with very low if not no start-up costs. The other factor was that after finishing school and getting fed up looking for jobs because companies won’t return calls, emails etc. I felt that I had something to say. It is also the case, that from looking around on the internet there were a large range of websites, but, to be honest, the majority were pretty poor. Ultimately the aim is for you to make money out of your new venture, but from the way I see it that needs to be as a consequence of providing solid information in an interesting and insightful way, something that can stand out from all the other internet marketeers. What I have found is that many (not all) sites were to heavily weighted towards the big sell. This is good news for me (and hopefully you) as it allows me the opportunity to offer something a little bit different – time will tell whether this is successful, but in looking at your careers I want to help people my age (and above) who are frustrated with the hectic job system, or needed some extra income to help with any lifestyle changes/choices, and this is certainly the best option that I have come across.

I can understand that it may seem odd recommending a new venture like internet marketing when I don’t know how successful and profitable it can be myself. But what I am doing here and hope to achieve is suggesting to you that this has the best potential I have found with its solid business model and comes with minimal financial risk should this not turn out to be right for you.

I imagine that the two questions that spring to mind are how much money can be made from this and have I got the ability to make this a success? Well the answer to the first question is that it is impossible to give you a figure and you are almost certainly not going to earn a mountain of cash overnight, but with the right preparation and a willingness to commit to learn there is plenty of evidence around the net that you could earn a very good income from Internet Marketing. Of course there can be no guarantees and there are many dependent factors such as the niche that you chose, the interest you can attract, the products you recommend and your ability to commit to the process. But if you are open to meet the challenge then your investment, time and effort will hopefully prove profitable sooner than you think. Of course, this is not a get rich quick scheme, and you should avoid letting thoughts like that cloud your judgement, but this is the opportunity to lay solid foundations for a successful business model and career that will be the source of income for you for years to come.

On the question of whether this is right for you, it’s really down to you as the individual. What I mean by that is if you really think you can give this a go, it’s not a huge strain on your time or finances. However, you will need to be committed to spend a few hours a week to keep on top of things. You may want to block out that time in your weekly schedule, or if you are anything like me, build this into your day where you do really notice the time that you are spending. What I would say to you is that you don’t need to be a skilled writer or an IT genius – these skills can be picked up as you go, that’s the glory of internet marketing!

I have surprised myself how enjoyable it has been to reach this stage of my Internet Marketing career.  At the time of writing this I am a couple of weeks into the process, so it’s early days yet, but I am learning all the time. The key thing is that you can only gain by giving it a go.


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