What Keeps Me Motivated

ID-100259534Hi everyone,

In today’s post I wanted to share with you what I feel keeps me motivated. From eating, watching something, or reading something. Everyone has those certain ways of keeping themselves motivated.


This may seem strange but watching an Internet Marketing related webinar helps to keep me on the right track and gives me the push to keep going however hard I am finding something or if I am at a crossroads. Specifically John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success webinar’s that take place every week are what keeps me motivated.

John and Randy Smith talk about upcoming launches of Partnership members, offer suggestions, answer questions, and takes us behind the scenes of their businesses. It is always refreshing every week (even though I watch them when they’re recorded and in the members area as I usually cant make them when they are live). John and Randy’s upbeat personalities and intelliegence make the webinar’s a really worthwhile experience.

Taking a break to refresh

This is a no-brainer! If you are at it, working 9 hours straight especially in this business and the results of all the work is not paying off as you want it to, it can really get you down and then you start to question yourself as to why you are doing this.

So it just helps to take breaks, sit back every once in a while to recharge. You will see the difference in no time, with new ideas popping up in your head and having the ability to look at what you could do differently. Not only is taking a break good for your health but it is great for boosting your motivation.

Have a hobby to go back to

When you are working away building up your Internet Marketing empire and hitting roadblocks, almost similar to not taking breaks. It can be demoralising. I find having a hobby to go to at the end of the day really helps you to keep pushing and write that email or finish that product. It psychologically keeps you happy knowing you’ve got something to go back to at the end of the day. Be it a favourite TV show, sport, or anything!

For me personally my hobby is video games and films. Being transported to other worlds, relating to characters. It really does give me something to look forward to everyday (Not saying Internet Marketing is boring, but with any business you are going to hit brick walls and crossroads, so you need that one thing that’s just going to push you over the edge, keep you going even further!)

So let me know in the comments down below what keeps you motivated? Maybe you share the same motivators as me, maybe there is another effective way that I haven’t been using and maybe you want to share… Let me know!

Until next time,



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  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply July 20, 2015

    Hello Stuart

    Since moving countries, I have re-evaluated my approach to life and my online adventure. I have found that variety is definitely the spice of life and like you I enjoy webinars but also like to spend time reading or listening to audios that are business or personal development related.


    • Stuart Avis

      Reply Reply July 22, 2015

      Hi Igor,

      I totally agree with the point you made about variety. It is something I try to incorporate every now and again with hobbies and my business to freshen things up.

      It’s really cool to see other marketers have their own ways of staying motivated.



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