What drives me to succeed?

ID-100250732It’s important for me to let you know what my own drivers are for achieving Internet Marketing success. The easy response would be to make lots of money and live a lifestyle that allows me to buy and do all the things that I want. Of course, if I didn’t think I could make good money out of Internet Marketing I wouldn’t have chosen it as a career. We all have commitments and things that will need financing in our lives, so finding a regular source of income is definitely a priority. However, there are ways of making money and I am absolutely committed to acting with integrity and providing value for money.

You won’t have to look far on any search engine to find internet marketing get rich quick schemes… there are new ones springing up every week. From what I can see they are pitched around making vast sums of money with the minimum of effort… hey we all want that, but the reality is that it is never that easy and you certainly won’t build a long term career through following these schemes.

From what I can see, the established long term players in the market are those who have taken the time to develop their internet marketing knowledge, have an understanding of their customers and provide them with information and products that are of value. I’m convinced that this is the best route to establishing a successful long term career in internet marketing and I’ll be guided by these principles as I develop this site, produce new products and make recommendations to you.

Other drivers that that get me logging onto my computer early in the morning are to be fully responsible for my own actions. I like the idea of working to my own goals rather than helping a manager achieve theirs. I am also inspired by getting direct feedback from what I do. I’m not really the type to blend into the background as part of a team I much prefer direct interaction with my customers.

The other cool thing that inspires me about Internet Marketing is that new opportunities are developing all the time. I can diversify and build up my knowledge in a number of areas. I don’t have to stick to one site and can build up a portfolio of sites covering different subjects and take a different approach to reach if I want.

So I’m absolutely driven to establish myself in the market, and I’m not going to compromise that.  But equally I will get there the right way.  Making a profit when I know that I am not providing a service that I would value myself is not where I am at.


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