Website Evaluation

I have produced a five page website on Brighton as a digital hub (more specfically in the gaming industry) and am now reflecting on the process and where I could improve.

My website:

Technical Qualities:

With my website build I implemented a lot of technical features. One such example was adding a video to the content. This was interview of myself talking about my digital media experiences.










When I uploaded the video I wanted to change some settings, which included making sure the video didn’t auto-play giving the viewer freedom of choice on whether they watched the video or not. I also made sure the video would appear in 16:9 widescreen format since that is what the native video was shot in. I also made sure the viewer had access to button functionality so they could play/pause at will and change the volume.













Another technical feature was introducing links into the text. I done this multiple time throughout out the website where I saw it relevant to include links.












In the example above I added a link to the text “Let’s Talk.”. The link was to the contact page. This seemed appropriate if the user wanted to find out more information.

I also added a contact us button that would open up a users email client with a subject  and email already to send.







Aesthetic Qualities

The aesthetic quality I wanted to establish in my pre-production and website were that of a very video game and digital look and feel. This would have to include a lot of green and dark colours, a technical looking font and relevant imagery.

I feel I was able to achieve this thanks to the logo design helping me to establish the different elements on the page.image-6











I used the same green colour in the logo for the headers (#4E782F) which maintained a level of consistency throughout the website. The font I used for the headers was Jura because it had that digital feel I was looking for.

As for the paragraph text the font I used was Play. This had the digital look whilst also being legible and readable. This was the same idea when picking the font colour being white, I wanted the text to be as readable and comfortable for the user as possible.

I chose the background to have a space motif which is very representative to gamers because of the game Space Invaders. It also adds a sense of depth to the website as it draws in the viewer to the middle where the content is.

Page Content

Based on my wireframes (see: pre-production), the page content and layout for the actual website build became different. This was due to the constantly changing nature of the project in pre-production and having more ideas when it actually came to the build itself.


















This page incorporated a summary of what the website is about and a bit about myself with the video included. This was close to my original wireframe with a different layout based on the CMS system I was working with.

Brighton as a digital hub: Gaming

















This page explains further about Brighton as a digital hub and as a hub for the gaming industry. I added imagery here to emphasis the point about video games and a row with a link for users to get in contact and find out more information. Again the layout was different from my planned wireframe.

Gaming Meet-ups














I planned for this page to have a booking form but that would have required an extra cost from the CMS system which I couldn’t fit into my project budget. So as a fall back I included a contact button that linked to the users email client enabling them to get into contact and arrange a booking. This of course meant I didn’t stick to my original layout for this page.

Gaming Companies in Brighton


















For this page I researched many companies who worked in Brighton and linked to them, also including imagery in the process. I was originally planning to include video game shops as well, but time was against me so I had to scrap it.















This page stuck to the original plan whilst also improving on that to make it look more appealing.


Before I begun the build and after I agreed all the pre-production elements with my client, I went over my design concepts as a basis to establish the order I should do things, so I came up with a plan of what order I would do things:

  1. Input pages and add headers
  2. Add text to pages
  3. Add headers around text
  4. Include imagery/video
  5. stylise website with backgrounds and colours
  6. Final check/testing

This plan helped me to focus and stay on track, even though I didn’t always follow it.

Time Management

See my Gannt chart for more information on my time management for the website build:

I kept to good timing with my pre-production, only when it got to the build itself I went off pace and that affected my testing and finalisation meaning I had to fall back on my contingency plan to finish the project within the planned time.

Technical Competence

A skill particularly related to a job. In this instance I bought many technical skills to this project.

For example I already had experience with CMS systems in the past working with WordPress and knowing it very well. For this particular project I worked with Wix, a CMS system I have never worked with before. Thankfully due to the easy-to-use interface and prior knowledge of website builders I was able to put together a good looking, functioning website without too many problems. There were times where I couldn’t find how to do something based on the different UI and this could have been a factor that lead to the website build getting delayed.

My good skills and knowledge with computers helped in keeping all the project files sorted and work online with ease and understanding.

Time and project management are one of my weaker skills and could have resulted in a better website on time if I were better in these areas.


For testing the website build I looked at a number of factors, these included:

  • Does it function properly on mobile?
  • Do all the links work as intended?
  • Does the contact form work?
  • Do the Social Media buttons work?

Mobile Functionality

To test this I used my mobile phone to see if the website was responsive and all the elements work as they should but on mobile.




















img_0040 img_0043

















As you can see via the screenshots, the mobile test is ultimately a success. Providing an excellent layout, easy to access menu, the showing of images in their clarity and the video working as intended.

Link Check

Brighton as a digital hub: Gaming





Link to the contact page works as intended.

Gaming Meet-ups
























The contact us button works as intended opening up the users email client with a set subject and To email address.

Gaming Companies in Brighton
























All the links to the external websites work as intended and the “Let’s Talk.” link just like the one on the Brighton as a digital hub: Gaming page works.

Contact Form

Contact form filled out before sending:







Success message received:







Message in inbox:










Social Media Buttons

The Facebook buttons link properly to my Facebook account.



The Twitter buttons link properly to my Twitter account.





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