Tips On Creating Successful Headlines

ID-100259706Learning How to create successful headlines isn’t that difficult, especially if you know the basics to what grabs the users attentions into reading what you’re offering.

Whether it’s for a sales page, an article, it’s vital that your headlines are eye catching, interesting, and contain the psychological trigger that makes a user want to purchase your product or subscribe to your mail list.

Creating those successful headlines

Explain what you have to offer through curiosity

Many marketers are able to write a powerful sales pages because the headline is what grabs customers and determines whether they stay to read further or exit the page immediately.

For those products that promise to make you money, they always try to add the hook “Find out how this ex factory worker made over $130,000 in 6 months by working from home!“.

See the use of big money that can be gained in a short time frame angle? This is how curiosity works, and if you can push peoples buttons by fulfilling their desires on the headline, you can expect them to continue reading on.

Curiosity is what pulls people in to read the rest of the article or sales page and if it speaks to what they are looking for, they are more likely to stay.

Use a HOW TO Headline

A How To headline for an article shares with the reader that they are going to learn something.

Many marketers usually want to learn or improve on skills they already have by finding articles or products online that will help them to achieve that. Having headlines with How To in them will help that audience to find you, as it is what they are looking for.

Writing the headline

Headlines are the most important part of an article or sales page, so they need to be written well and spent the most time on. They need to be formatted nicely and also need to be completely error free, failure to do so could ruin your reputation.

When errors are present, readers will have the impression that the rest of the sales page or article is badly written.

The headline is what catches the readers attention and in 3 seconds determine whether they read on or not. It’s what can make you look like a real professional in your chosen field and the tips above will definitely go a long way to determine whether that is true. Implementing them in any future headlines will surely help to boost traffic and recurring readers.

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  • Greg Noland

    Reply Reply March 22, 2016

    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for this post. Anything to do with copywriting always grabs my attention. As an ardent student of copywriting for the last 5 years I can confer that headlines are indeed the most important part of a sales piece. Although all parts are important, if the headline sucks, no one will read the subhead, or any of the body.


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