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I was Interested to see the latest news that, for the first time, we are using Smartphones more than laptops and desk computers to interact with the web. In this post I will explore what this means for us internet marketers.

To my mind, although laptops and desktops are less popular for surfing, how we build up our online business will pretty much remain the same. Basically, you need to put in the hours with a keyboard and a mouse to get your websites and products to a great standard. However, what has clearly changed is how we interact without potential subscribers and customers.

The Savvy internet marketer (hello, that’s us!) will have recognised that if we are not waving our digital hands for attention when the public are interacting with the web on their Smartphones, we are missing out on potential custom. So how do we make sure that we are mobile friendly? Well, there are four things that I think are really important:


It has always been important for us internet marketers to offer value – both to retain and build custom and to establish the right footprint in the internet marketing world. The value of value (if you know what I mean) is even more important now. This could be the thing that is going to make people want to spend precious minutes on their smart phone looking at what you have to say in preference to doing other stuff, such as playing with an app, engaging with social media (more about that in a minute), listening to a track from their playlist, watching a TV download etc. Whatever options they have, you are competing against them, so you need to ensure that they are confident that the time they invest in seeing or hearing what you have to say is time well spent.


As always, the headlines that you use on your email have to catch the attention. Trawling trough emails on your Smartphone is a speedy process, and generally goes something like rubbish delete, rubbish delete, rubbish delete…oh that could be interesting. Of course, our aim is to be under the ‘oh that could be interesting’ category, and to do that your email headlines need to jump out of the in-box.

Mobile Friendly Websites

It is vital that you have a website that plays out well on any Smartphone device. All of your hard work on crafting email headlines and directing people to your website will be for nothing if, when they get there, your website looks like a digital junk shop on a mobile screen that is impossible to navigate around. Google has picked up on the need for mobile friendly website in its latest recent update.

Social Media

You don’t need me to tell you that this is the most popular pastime on Smartphones – but it is also the thing that internet marketers generally treat pretty lightly. Why? Because I think they see a disconnect in turning social media followers into website subscribers. This is strange as it stands to reason that if you have the potential subscribers spending on average an hour a day on social media you want to get your tweets and Facebook updates out there. Twitter is particularly valuable for building a strong social media presence which, with the right handling and appropriate links, can really build up your subscriber list. How do you do it? Watch this space for my next product.

As internet marketers we work in a fast moving, continuously evolving world. To stay relevant we have to embrace changes as they come along, but more than that, each new trend or market development presents opportunities to build your business further. I hope that this blog has offered you an insight into my own mindset. Let me know what you think. It would be great to bounce some ideas around on how we can all move our businesses to the next level.

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