The Orange Scenario

ID-100198How cool is this as a concept… Imagine you are a fruit seller. You have a box of oranges that you have bought from a wholesaler and sell each of the oranges to your customers until the box is empty. You would probably have made some sort of profit – which is great. But what if you buy just one orange from the wholesaler, but it’s a magic orange that you can sell again and again to as many people who want to buy. Your customers are not restricted by the amount of oranges that you have in your box and your profit margin increases dramatically because you will have only had to buy one Orange from the wholesaler.

Apologies if this sounds a bit like a kids story, but actually the magic Orange scenario is pretty much the concept behind Internet Marketing, where the business model is based on developing one product (an E-book for instance) that you can sell again and again as demand dictates. What’s more, once the product is in cyberspace your customer base is basically the whole of the World Wide Web… all you need to do is develop something that people want and drive traffic to it. Of course there are techniques and information that you will need to pick up (otherwise this would be a very small site) but the Internet Marketing business model is very simple.

The simple tricks to this orange scenario are as follows:

  • Choosing a niche and sticking to it. You have to make sure it is a niche you are truly passionate about and one you know will attract people with the same passion.
  • Create an information product whether it be an E-book, video etc. to sell to your audience.
  • Drive traffic to purchase your information product.

These steps perfectly outline the orange scenario in its simplest form. To continue to understand this much more in depth, my website will constantly be providing new content, tips and tricks that will help you and me (as I am still learning myself) to better grasp the knowledge and tasks involved within the internet marketing world.


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