The Importance Of Taking A Break!

ID-10026124With any home business it is important to always take a break to step back, compose yourself and take on the next challenge.

One major issue with working at home is that you can be too focused on your business that you neglect to take breaks. This can be dangerous to your health and wellbeing if you work for so many hours straight without rest. Being focused too much in your business is not a bad thing but you can get sloppy with simple tasks without you noticing and produce poor quality work that will reduce any revenue you generate in the future.

What I suggest is for every hour you spend working, take a 15 minute break. Whether that involves making yourself a drink/grabbing a snack, moving around freely for a bit, or just a quick power nap. Utilizing one of these techniques every hour for 15 minutes can help you be at your best when you get back to working.

I would also recommend on some days you should take long breaks when working from home. For example going for a long walk, exercise etc. Being stuck indoors with a home business can be dangerous to your health in the long run so you should go outside for a long while every so often to get fresh air and stay healthy.

Going out to socialize with friends or family is also a brilliant idea. Being stuck indoors can mean you lose chances socialize and this can lead to losing friends which can affect your state of mind to focus and having ability to enjoy yourself.

Having a hobby to go and enjoy when you have finished working or are taking a break can also help you feel better and motivated. It helps you to relax when you are pressured or are struggling with a certain aspect of your home business.

To summarise you need to take breaks every so often whether they are short or long. They are a great way of reenergising your brain and regaining focus which is key to any online business. My top tips are to take a small break every hour, have long breaks every few days, and maintain social relations with your friends and family. Following this advice will make sure you enjoy every success in your online business whilst staying healthy and outgoing to enjoy life to its fullest.

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  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply February 27, 2014

    Well hello Stuart

    Great advice and these breaks can also be super productive, as whilst you are having a stroll or a cup of tea, your brain will continue to mull over whatever you were working on before the break. This often leads to a eureka moment and a far simpler, quicker and better way of doing what you had planned.

    I actually use the Pomodoro technique, 25 mins working with upto 5 mins breaks and the actual ticking of the clock is a great reminder to keep pushing to get things done.


  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply March 4, 2014

    Hi Stuart,

    How are you, and I really like your blog header, it’s very professional.

    Anyway, your blog post… I have to say I really enjoyed it and there are some really great advice contained within. I particularly like your point about being stuck in home all day can be bad for your health and socially too, because it’s amazing what happens when you take breaks such as a casual stroll into town, and you start to realise and notice other people, how they go about their daily lives and in a way, it helps you to refocus your own goals, and of course, sometimes funny events can happen, which you can then later use to inspire blog posts, messages and tweets.

    Like you mentioned having a hobby to enjoy after working is definitely really rewarding, I love being able to finish work, then sit back and enjoy a good movie with a good cup of tea.

    So…what kind of hobbies are you into Stuart, and how do you fill in your breaks?

    Looking forward to your next blog post

    • Stuart Avis

      Reply Reply March 5, 2014

      Hi Sky

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I think your right that a stroke of genius or luck when taking a break can help you and your business to grow even further as you wouldn’t be able to think as well when working.

      my main hobby is I am a massive video game collector and player of retro and new stuff, I also like to talk about it with friends. I am also into anime and movies like you enjoying them with a good cup of tea.

      All the best


      P.S. I got my header created by someone on Fiverr.

      • Sky Nealon

        Reply Reply March 6, 2014

        Hey Stuart,

        Your welcome and Fiverr, that’s cool, might have to investigate the marketplace in the future if I need any graphics done.

        It’s interesting that you mention video games, which particular genre do your prefer FPS, Racing, Simulation or the Open-world types? Or maybe online ones.

        All the best to you too

        • Stuart Avis

          Reply Reply March 6, 2014

          Hi Sky

          Yeah Fiverr is a great marketplace to get all manner of content created for a fair price.

          I am into most genres of video games, but mainly my favourites are RPG’s (role playing games) Japanese ones as well, action adventure and fighting. I find video games a great form of escapism and relaxation when you have had a long day.

          All the best


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