Task 3 – Interactive Media

What are intellectual property rights?

These are the rights given to a person over their creative ideas. They give the person the right to their creation for a period of agreed time.

Copyright and rights related to copyright – Rights of authors of literary and artistic works regarding their creations. These rights are usually held until 50 years after the death of the author.

Industrial property – One area can be characterised as the protection of distinctive trademarks (which protect the goods/services of one undertaking from those of another) and geographical indications.

Other types of industrial property are protected primarily to stimulate innovation, design and creative technology. Inventions (protected by patents), industrial designs and trade secrets.

How it relates to me as a digital marketer – Our website (https://www.dwworld.co.uk) is copyrighted so that no one can steal our website design and ideas. Our business and business name is trademarked.





What is a trademark? – it is a sign used to distinguish a businesses goods or services from that of others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business or any legal entity. The trademark logo can appear on packages, labels or even the logo/product itself.













Creative commons

What is Creative Commons? – A licensing concept created by Creative Commons that builds upon traditional copyright practices to define possibilities that exist between the standard “all rights reserved” full copyright and public domain “no rights reserved”. Basically makes it easy for content creators to decide how their work is shared and used with the wider public.

What permissions do you have with a Creative Commons license? – A Creative Commons license lets you dictate how others may use your work. The Creative Commons license allows you to keep your copyright but allows others to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit and only on the conditions you specify.





What other ways are there to copyright protect an image?

How would you perform a Creative Commons search through Flickr?


















Input a search query into the search bar.




On the results page, click on the any license drop down menu to the left of the page and make a selection on a license.








How would you perform a copyright search through Google Images?

Use Google Advanced Image search and input a search term.






To check copyright, select an option from the usage rights drop-down menu. These include Labeled for reuse with modification, labeled for reuse, labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification and labeled for noncommercial reuse.







Ethical constraints

If you design something for a client, who owns the copyright? – The creator of the artwork, for example, a logo, owns the copyright unless and until they transfer it in writing. What is paid for was the right to use the artwork as the logo, but not for the copyright.

If a client is being difficult, how best to deal with them? – Listen to them, take time with them, de-escalate potentially hostile situations and take loss on the chin.


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