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Does social media have a positive impact on your online business? It’s not a trick question, but there is a train of thought that a disproportionate time is spent trying to get some real traction on the various platforms. In this blog I’ll offer my view and some tips on how you can maximise your social media output.

A Credible Social Media Presence

If you look at any credible business website these days you will see the familiar icons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These days people expect to have a number of online options to engage with you and all these platforms do provide options to engage with your customer base in new ways. However, there is a danger that you could spend a disproportionate amount of time managing your social media presence and this could be to the detriment to the other areas of your online business that also need your attention. So how do you make sure that you cover all bases? To my mind, adopting a strong strategic approach to your social media engagement  should  ensure that you have maximum return for your efforts.

Understand your customer base

How do your customers like to engage? For instance, if they like a constant flow of ‘bite sized’ information then you will probably do well concentrating on Twitter. If social interaction resonates with them, then Facebook could see a strong response, or if there is a more formal business feel to the engagement then a platform like LinkedIn could be a great place. Similarly, if the visual route shows off your work to best effect then YouTube or one of the many image sharing platforms could hit the right mark with your customers.

Analyse the Response You Receive

It makes no sense to second guess what you think will work with your customers. For every Tweet you send, Facebook  timeline you update, YouTube video you upload, you need to consider the response stats. It goes without saying that if you hit a ‘sweet spot’ with your customers then you know to continue with a particular approach that works.

Keep pace with the curve

By keeping pace with the curve I mean that it is important to recognise trends and act upon them. For instance, Tweets with photos may be going down very well, Whiteboard animation videos could be getting great feedback, or there may be a new platform on the market that is creating a real buzz, make sure you get on board. It tends to be that these things are a bit like shooting stars, they shine for a while but then fade away, so it is important not to get complacent and move with the trend.

Be Strategic and Get Results

So to wrap up, my overall message is that you need social media, both for your credibility and the options this provides for engaging with your customers base. However, don’t waste time blindly plugging away in the hope that this will work.  Think about how you can use these platforms to your advantage, and with a little targeted effort you could start to see some great results!

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