SEO Basics That You Need To Understand!

ID-100207632Understanding SEO basics is vital to ensure that you know how the search engines like Google and Yahoo Search work so you can increase exposure of your website and receive more traffic. When you know how they work, you’ll be able to get your websites, web 2.0 webpages, blogs, and all sorts of articles online ranking high on Google, Yahoo etc.

One of the first things you need to know is that Google ranks websites based on keywords that they scan through whenever they visit a site. So, if they see a website that has the word “The easy way to get a six pack in one month” all over the site, Google will basically try to put that website as high as they can on the search engines for that specific keyword.

This is to ensure that those who want help or information in those areas will see your article if looking through the search results, as Google only wants to help people find what they really need.

Of course, even if your site says all of the keywords over and over again, if there aren’t any back-links generated for the site, you won’t see the site climbing up the rankings. This is called off-page optimization.

You need to make sure that you have other websites linking back to your site. Google only wants to rank high quality, authority level websites that are popular online.

How do you get your site to become popular and have a high authority level in Google’s eye? By having other sites linking back to yours through back-links.

This can be done by leaving your URL on other blog networks, social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) leaving your URL on Yahoo Answers, writing articles online and putting your URL at the bottom, along with many other kinds of ways. In addition, you need to make sure your page is optimized for search engines. This is called on-page optimization.

Your web page title, description, and keywords should include the main keywords/key phrases of the market you’re targeting.

Now that you know how it works, start broadening your understanding on the topic of SEO. Continue to learn how to use SEO tactics in your internet marketing, and don’t be afraid of make mistakes if ever your site doesn’t rank high straight away.

You can get loads of SEO experts to do easy to follow reports for a small fee about your website and what needs to be done to rank higher on search engines. I find the best tool for SEO is Click Submit a company that give you easy SEO steps to help make your website rank higher. They charge monthly and offer other great tools that can drive traffic to your site.

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