Product Creation Phase 2

ID-10041213I am at the stage of product creation where I have to think about my product ideas and mind map the one I have chosen (that being SEO). What I want to talk about in today’s blog post is how you should go about choosing a product name, then mind mapping your ideas for that product.

Deciding on a product name

The opening factor of product creation. You have the niche selected for your product and you have an idea on what your product is going to cover in that niche. you then struggle to decide on a name for your product, which is one of the most important aspects of creating the product and what sets you apart from the others. its true that coming up with the name is one of the hardest parts of creating a product, but there is an easy way to help narrow down a name that works for your product and you.

What you want to do first is to come with a whole list of potential names just off the top of your head, you can also use a thesaurus to help you to get different meanings and potentially new names. What you should do next is to share your list of potential names with your friends family and form a tally as to which names are the most popular choices. What you can also do is to research other marketers products that are similar to yours and gather any similar key words or phrases that you could put use for your product name.

Once you have taken these steps into consideration you should have a product name that encompasses your product idea and works for you. This should be the first step of your product creation.

Mind map your ideas

This is a pretty self explanatory stage of the product creation phase as you can’t really make a good product without mind mapping the format, information included, modules/chapters and so on. You just wont be able to make a product that sells well if you don’t lay out the foundations of how your product is going to work.

There are many different ways you can mind map. The easiest example is on paper preferably A3 size. You can also get mind mapping software on the PC and on tablets/smartphones that enable you to create detailed and tidy mind maps.

With creating mind maps its important to make them as detailed as you can so you have a really good reference when you actually come to make the product itself.

To summarise this post I think I have outlined two of the key processes required to make your product the best it can be and something that will sell.


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  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply May 12, 2014

    Well hello Stuart, having just started the process of selecting a name for my solution, you mention the one element that is the most obvious.

    During our niche and solution idea research we spend a whole load of time looking at the market and what other solutions were already in the market.

    Now not being one do just do stuff for the sake of it when it came to finding a name for my solution, I took all the power words from the existing solution titles, mixed them up with their thesaurus equivalents and started to have some fun coming up with a relevant name.

    For me each part of the solution building process should build upon the last and as we already have a list of names then why not use them to help to inspire the name for our own solution.


    • Stuart Avis

      Reply Reply May 13, 2014

      Hi Igor,

      when you start to think of a product name using the ways we both have described, it doesn’t become such a daunting task and it can be quite fun to bounce off different ideas and eventually find a name that works.


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