Is there room for any more Internet Marketeers?

ID-10036274The web is filled with those who have entered into the Internet Marketing craze that’s for sure. But given the potential of the internet populous and the fact that a large proportion of the blogs, newsletters etc. are to be honest, pretty average, there is definitely room for new internet marketing newbies to rise through the ranks and become success stories.

I’m not an expert myself, but I think the Internet is always going to keep expanding. Even though it is still at an early stage (although at my age, it’s hard to remember being without it) there is of course the selection of top dogs and gurus at the top of their game. An important thing to note is they weren’t the first to enter the market but they were the ones who recognized the gap in the market as the Internet evolved and expanded, and now have such a strong advantage, to where in some instances they can dictate the future expansion and evolvement of the web.

Of course, unless you have a big investment of financial and intellectual backing, you probably won’t want to tackle the top dogs head on, but if the internet continues to evolve and expand at the same pace it has over the last few years there is lot of reason to believe that newbies entering the market now will be at a great advantage if they have the foresight, strategic nous and commitment to drive their own online marketing career forward.

What’s great about Internet Marketing is that you don’t have to rely on one site for an income stream – by keeping your options open and of importance keeping ahead of the competition by plugging into new mechanisms as they come on stream you can become the market leader in your target niche.

A big problem is, as the web grows so do the unethical sites – trying to sell you the idea of making a fast buck at the expense of the customer’s satisfaction. I am sure you have seen them – big, bold and in all large red capital letters, “make money while you sleep!” or “make money without barely lifting a finger!” It’s an easy trap of securing success in Internet Marketing. I know it is tempting to speed up the process and make money as soon as you can establishing yourself through these sites…but it really is a false economy. On a more positive note these are your Internet competitors, so with a much more sustainable approach you will be around long after they have disappeared from the market place.

It’s not easy trying to cram your mind with all this information on the web, especially on internet marketing can be quite an overwhelming experience. But I do believe that if you stay focused on the key principles of what you are trying to achieve and have the passion, the drive you will, in time, be able to call yourself a successful Internet Marketeer and be in control of your own destiny.


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