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Hi, my name is Stuart Avis and welcome to my blog.

This blog will charter the journey I will be taking, from internet marketing new boy! to hopefully one day being successful and making money online. I am new to this and might not know a lot to begin with, but bare with me and I’m sure we can learn together.

I hope to one day join the ranks of the internet marketing elites and make it easy for other aspiring internet marketeers.

So who is the man behind the computer? Well I am an 18 year old school leaver with the intentions of making a successful career for myself. I lead a normal life and have enjoyable hobbies. I have been fed up with applying for jobs/apprenticeships and no one being bothered to reply back to me or have rediculous entry requirements for a job where you get training anyway. This has lead me to pursue a career in online marketing, where I hope I can help everyone make a success of themselves and earn a living in the process.

I hope that because of my age I can help people who are like me and of course anyone else who wishes to pursue a career down this route.

I have the knowledge and enthusiasm  and I’m raring to get going. I hope the knowledge I have gained about internet marketing and what I will be learning throughout the process, will enable me to kickstart your career in internet marketing.

Stay tuned….


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