How To Overcome Information Overload

ID-100211470Information overload is extremely hard to deal with and can slow you down. Most starters in internet marketing are usually very welcoming to take on all of the information and resources that are presented to them, but when you realize that there is so much involved with building an online business to where start-ups want it to be, they give up too easily and they find it hard to comprehend all of the information that is presented to them.

Information overload is about learning and researching of a particular topic, only to find yourself completely overwhelmed and unable to cope with so much information. Overcoming information overload isn’t too much of a challenge as it is all about control, but it can take some time before you truly get over the problem.

The best way to overcome an information overload is by taking everything step by step or learn things on at a time. Don’t confuse and bog yourself down by learning everything all at once. You should also ignore following multiple different methods from other marketers and following only one that you think is best. In other words, if you learn that you need to build a website, build a site first without doing any other tasks. Most people will usually build a site and build back-links all at the same time, but building back-links should come after creating the website.

Another example, some will even develop a site selling an affiliate product while they learn about different ways to make affiliate sales!

So, it’s only normal for start-up marketers to feel confused and stressed by all the pressure from a bombardment of information.

To head on the right path, don’t learn from multiple sources, stick with one. Basically, if you can find a great mentor, stick with that same mentor. They know where you have started, and they know how you should move forward with your business. Take for example, I have stuck with my mentor John Thornhill and I feel I am making great progress.

If you have ever bought an eBook, have joined an online training membership, or receive guidance from a mentor, follow everything that is laid out step by step. This will help you to achieve your success without adding any pressure onto yourself.

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  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply April 4, 2014

    Well hello Stuart, your last paragraph made me smile. I remember a rant by Phil Henderson regarding his failing students, they would always follow the plan step by step but would always put their spin on the plan and thus fail to stay exactly on the proven path, they would instead be on a path that looked and felt similar but was always a route back to their starting point.

    Thus as Phil declared, if you want to succeed then you need to follow the advice to the letter as our own spins have gotten us to where we are trying to escape from.


  • Pauline

    Reply Reply April 17, 2014

    Hi Stuart

    It is so true how easily we get overloaded with all the new buys that will make life easier for us. They might well do that, but not all at once.

    Yes stick on one path and follow it where it goes.

    Take care

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