How Important Is Your Subscriber List?


Hi Everyone! This week I am tackling something that many marketers struggle with… The subscriber list.

There are many factors that impact on whether a newbie can make a success of Internet Marketing, but the biggest hurdle from my perspective is to build a subscriber list of responsive customers.

It’s a familiar saying in the Internet marketing world that the money is in the subscriber list, and from what I can see there is a degree of logic in that. Once you have a list of people who you know are listening to what you have to say, it is likely that a percentage are going to be interested in what you have to sell. Online response percentages are generally pretty low – usually in single figures, but if you have a subscriber list that runs into thousands then the small percentage suddenly allows you to make good money.

Starting Your Subcriber List From Scratch

So the question for me and any newbie is how do you build your subscriber list from a standing start when you are not known and have no reputation. The easy solution, offered in many places on the web, is to buy a list. In return for parting with your hard earned cash you get a list of Email addresses that you can try and turn into potential customers. I haven’t gone down this route and I don’t intend to. My guess is that the majority, if not all, of those on the list are almost certainly not interested in your niche so it really is a false economy.

My approach (time will prove whether I am right) is to build up a list by targeting networking opportunities through social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.), forums and generally being proactive in making myself known. It takes some effort to remain focused if I am honest, but the plan is that I will benefit in the longer term from understanding my customers and offering them something that I know they will value

Making Yourself Known to Established Players

It’s a familiar situation that you find across the business world. Established players are extremely valuable because of the advice and experience that they can offer, but equally important to the newbie is their list of contacts.

Quite rightly, you wouldn’t expect someone who is well known in the niche to let you have access to their subscriber list, so it really is a matter of being able to build up a relationship with the list owner and offer a product to their customers which they would find useful. In short, the owner of the list gets a nice percentage of the sales of your product that they have recommend to their list. In return when those on the list buy your product you add their names to your mailing list,

Taking The Time To Grow Your Subscriber List

So to build a well targeted list you need to be proactive. I am starting to find out that you need time to make the best use of social media, engage with the forums and build up a constructive working relationship with a potential affiliate. My guess is that this is where a lot of newbies drop out of Internet Marketing, as building the right reputation takes time and effort.

I can’t really say with any great authority what will work for you as I’m still trying to establish myself. Having said that, I am getting some good feedback from some forums and there is a guest blog in the pipeline, so there are some encouraging signs. Social Media is easier to manage as I have a Smartphone, so I can keep on top of things during the day.

E-Books with False Promises

As always, you can take your pick of subscriber list building eBooks across the web. Internet marketers know that this is a subject that is going to generate more interest than most subjects. I will recommend the best as I develop this blog. What I would say is avoid those that promise to generate a 1,000 subscribers in a week or some similar bold claim. Even if this is possible, the quality of those on the list, and ultimate value to you, is likely to be pretty poor.

If you are in this for the long haul I would suggest that there is no better way than to get your hands dirty and make use of all the networking platforms available on the web. If I find another way that is more responsive I will let you know.

So what are your views and tips for building an effective list? I’d be really interested to hear from you and try out what you say.

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