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ID-100245365I want to share some friendly advice with you. If you are anything like me, once you have committed to developing your career you will have read as much information as you think you need so that you can get going and will then spend an uncomfortable moment looking at a blank computer screen and questioning whether you are taking the right route to success. I sympathise, it’s like standing next to one of those wooden road signs with lots of arrows pointing everywhere.  Whatever route you take, you always think that there is a better way to get to your destination. I think that Internet Marketing is a hundred (if not a thousand) times worse than that. There is so much information out there on Internet Marketing and web design that you could spend months bouncing around the web from one thing to another without getting anything done.

In hindsight if I had found someone who I could trust to point me in the right direction I would have saved a lot of time filtering out the good stuff from the bad. And I think that is critical if you are looking to make your mark in this field while you are balancing the demands of a job or maybe full-time studies. So consider me as your personal filtering service, as for every success that I achieve on my journey you can get the same result but a lot faster.

To prove my point, one of the first things you need to think about is what subject you are going to write about… seems pretty simple, but there is a mass of information out there on choosing the right niche, considering Search Engine Optimisation (i.e. Google ranking) understanding your customer base, having products to sell and the like. There are niche finder tools for sale and algorithms that you can buy into, all of which seem to offer the perfect solution, although the reality (in my view) is that they pretty much over complicate what is a fairly straight forward decision making process so long as you have got a handle of the basic principles.

Many of us are approaching the holiday season which is a great opportunity to relax with friends and family, but how great would it be if this time next year you have your own Internet Marketing career up and running, generating the funds that provide you with the options to do what you want. It can be more than a pipe dream – take some time to look at my book offered for free on this site, you will see that there is a robust, tried and tested business model behind this, that can apply to anyone. My hope is that this advice will inspire you to stick with me and we can be successful together.

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