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The Orange Scenario

How cool is this as a concept… Imagine you are a fruit seller. You have a box of oranges that you have bought from a wholesaler and sell each of the oranges to your customers until the box is empty. You would probably have made some sort of profit – which is great. But what if you buy…

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Internet Marketing As A Career

During my initial research on the possibility of internet marketing as a career option I came across a crazy statistic that basically suggested that the drop-out rate of those looking to make a career out of internet marketing is something like 95 percent. You can imagine that only 5 from every 100 people being successful…

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Whats the attraction of Internet Marketing?

While I’ve been well aware of the internet lifestyle – being some sort of golden aspiration where you can work when you choose, where you chose and, if you get it right, earn a significant income. Now I am 18 years old I understand enough to know that things are never that easy – if…

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Is there room for any more Internet Marketeers?

The web is filled with those who have entered into the Internet Marketing craze that’s for sure. But given the potential of the internet populous and the fact that a large proportion of the blogs, newsletters etc. are to be honest, pretty average, there is definitely room for new internet marketing newbies to rise through…

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Blog Introduction

Hi, my name is Stuart Avis and welcome to my blog. This blog will charter the journey I will be taking, from internet marketing new boy! to hopefully one day being successful and making money online. I am new to this and might not know a lot to begin with, but bare with me and…

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