Blog Hopping!

ID-100258863Hi once again! Now you may be thinking, Stuart what is Blog hopping?

Well the simple answer to that is going from Blog to Blog!

But how does that achieve anything you ask? Well in today’s post I will share with you why you should Blog hop.

  • First of all Backlinks – These are really good for Search ranking and one of the main reasons to Blog hop. Leaving comments with your website address is a great way to build your link profile by going blog to blog and is quick to do, but make it look genuine and dont be a spammer.
  • Leaving quality comments – When you visit a Blog, look for posts that take your interest or are relevant to your Blog as these are usually the best to comment on. When leaving a comment make sure it offers something instead of “Great post, thanks Stuart”, it looks cheap and will give you a bad reputation. Instead offer your own insight and expertise to the topic being discussed, it leaves a much greater impression may lead to return comments and recommendations from the Blog author.

When it comes to Blogs you want to find the quality sites that update regularly, are relevant to your site, and provide an environment that allows you to share links and gain a positive link profile.

If you have noticed, to the right of Online Marketing With Stuart you will see recommended quality Blogs and refreshing the page will show more each time! So there is no end to the hopping!

To sum up, Blog hopping is a very useful way of gaining backlinks, and creating a good reputation for yourself. It also keeps you in the know throughout the Internet Marketing world and best of all, Blog hopping can be done in a short period each day.

So what are you waiting for, try it out today!

To your success



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